DGSB - The Album (1995) (192 kbps)

01 Hootchie Love
02 Keep It On
03 In The Summer Breeze
04 Gigolo's
05 Slow It Down
06 Let Me Groove You
07 Maximum Dollar, Maximum Risk
08 All In The Game
09 Six Jimmy Hats
10 F***k*n With Hoes
11 Funkin With No Protection
12 D.G.S.B.
13 Green State Of Mind
14 Watch Your Back
15 Hootchie Love Remix



East Flatbush Project ‎- A Madman's Dream / Can't Hold It Back (VLS) (1994) (160 kbps)

A1 A Madman's Dream (Radio) (feat. Payday)
A2 A Madman's Dream (Dirty) (feat. Payday)
B1 Can't Hold It Back (Dirty) (feat. Esteem)


Powerule - Well Conneted / Bright Lights Big City (VLS) (1997) (192 kbps)

A1 Well Connected (Street Mix)
A2 Well Connected (Radio Mix)
A3 Well Connected (Instrumental)
A4 Well Connected (Acapella)
B1 Bright Lights, Big City (Street Mix)
B2 Bright Lights, Big City (Radio Mix)
B3 Bright Lights, Big City (Instrumental)
B4 Bright Lights, Big City (Acapella)

Powerule - Dawn To Dusk / Rock Ya Knot Quick (VLS) (1995) (192 kbps)

A1 Dawn To Dusk (Main Mix)
A2 Dawn To Dusk (Radio Edit)
A3 Dawn To Dusk (Instrumental)
B1 Rock Ya Knot Quick (Main Mix)
B2 Rock Ya Knot Quick (Instrumental)
B3 Rock Ya Knot Quick (Radio Edit)
B4 Dawn To Dusk (Acapella)


Chi-Ali - Roadrunner (VLS) (1992) (192 kbps)

A1 Roadrunner (LP Version)
A2 Roadrunner (Puberty Mix)
B1 Roadrunner (Puberty Instrumental)
B2 The Fabulous Chi