Ultramagnetic MC's ‎– Pimp Fiction (1997) (Vinyl) (224 kbps)

This album is a bootleg of Ultra - Big Time album. 

A1 Super Luv
A2 NYC Street Corner Battle
A3 Big Time
A4 Get Off The Dick
A5 Who Rocks
A6 Private Eyes
B1 Industry Is Wak
B2 Keep It Real
B3 Ain't Nobody Happenin'
B4 Fat Lady
B5 Bizarre
B6 No Face


Ultramagnetic MC's - Rhythm X Radio (SWR Edition) (2012) (VBR)

Classic Ultramagz stuff compiled few years ago by my man, WarZ when SWR blog was still up. Thought i should give this one a refresh!

1. Intro & Freestyles live in Brixton from Bobbito show
2. live in Holland
3. Marley Marl In Control 1989
4. Bait (original radio promo from Red Alert show)
5. Ultramagnetic MCs - Bait
6. Ego Trippin' live in Brixton from Bobbito show
7. One two, one two live on BET
8. Live on VPRO radio 3 (1990)
9. Ease back live in Brixton from Bobbito show
10. Ultramagnetic MC's - MC champion (original version)
11. Ultramagnetic MC's - Chillin tonight (Chuck Chillout radio promo)
12. Funky live in Brixton from Bobbito show
13. Ultramagnetic MC's - Funky (Red Alert remix from 'We can do this' LP)
14. Ultramagnetic MC's - The line up
15. Ego trippin' live on BET
16. Ultramagnetic MC's - Mentally mad (demo version from P-fine show)
17. Poppa large live on BET
18. Chorus line live in Brixton from Bobbito show
19. Give The Drummer Some live in Brixton from Bobbito show


Super Macks ‎– Supermacks In Effect (1988) (12'') (256 kbps)

Mack Side
A1 Supermacks In Effect (Vocal) 4:16
A2 Supermacks In Effect (Instrumental) 4:16
A3 Supermacks In Effect (Super Mack Mix) 3:57

 Fly Side
B1 Players Love Story (Vocal) 5:36
B2 Players Love Story (Instrumental) 5:36
B3 Players Love Story (Mellow Madness Mix) 5:44



Deuce Eclipse ‎– It's The Hour (2002) (CDr) (192 kbps)

1 Its Your Birthday
2 Alli Me Meti
3 Stress
4 Supanatural Featuring – Zion I
5 Los Mexicoyas
6 El Matador
7 Ragga Canton
8 Swana
9 A Ton
10 Los Nicoyas
11 Not A Movie Featuring – Ace Moon, Dust*
12 Know Now
13 Language
14 The Pelican
15 Message
16 Whose 2 Say
17 Machete Majita
18 Open
19 Jorge Sr.
20 Linda Mujer
21 Luna
22 All For You Featuring – Ace Moon
23 What A Journey Featuring – Dust*
24 Style Kings
25 Ella
26 Lovely Lady
27 Los Guerreros


Citizen Kane - Deliverance (1999) (CD) (256 kbps)

1. Intro
2. Deliverance
3. Soldier Story
4. Interlude
5. Monopoly Money
6. Gambler
7. Ini [Featuring] – Cali'Fate
8. Yancy
9. Graffitti Knights (Ft. Alana Bridgewater)
10. Remembrance Day
11. Who The Fuck?
12. Interlude
13. Tech Blows (Ft. Mission Holiday)
14. Ice Niggaz
15. Interlude
16. In Da Cut (Ft. Camille Douglas)
17. Confrontations
18. Eavesdroppin (Ft. Dub Ill)


Brainwash Projects - My Eyes Have Seen DEMO (1995) (Cass) (VBR)

Track 1: My Eyes Have Seen
Track 2: Battle of the Skull
Track 3: Kinetic Alphabetics.



Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard - Checkin' Out The Ave. (VLS) (1993) (192 kbps)

A1 Checkin' Out The Ave. (Album Version)
A2 Checkin' Out The Ave. (Instrumental)
A3 Checkin' Out The Ave. (A Cappella)
B1 Checkin' Out The Ave. (Ghetto Remix)
B2 Checkin' Out The Ave. (Ghetto Remix Instrumental)

Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard - King Of New York (Promo Tape) (1996) (256 kbps)

01 - Barry White (Intro)
02 - Shout Outs
03 - On The Regular
04 - Money Don't Make Your World Stop
05 - Talk Behind Your Back
06 - Hustler's Anthem
07 - Whatever
08 - King Of New York
09 - Barry White (Skit)
10 - Things Ain't Changed
11 - Make Em Die
12 - 900# Commercial (Skit)
13 - Niguhz Fo Life
14 - Tha Hold Up
15 - For My Daughter
16 - The Regular (Remix)


Adagio! - The Obvious Archives Pt. 1 EP (Vinyl) (2014) (VBR V0)

6 completely unheard never released tracks from the mid to late 90s from the indelible Adagio duo of Rayme Supreme of Philly and Big Cuz'n of Mount Vernon. Meeting up in 1992 in Long Island at Adelphi University where they also met Breez Brewin of the Juggaknots, they ultimately were introduced to Bobbito in 1995 and that's where the records started. With over 100 tracks recorded between 1995 and 2002, this is just the beginning of a strong series of archives you'll have the privilege to hear. This first one is well rounded, as something for everybody, with Ease Off and Music being colossal. And don't sleep, Intro is a 2 and a half minute banger of Rayme Supreme kickin that rawness he was always known for.

A1. Adagio Intro
A2. Music 
A3. Rap 101 
B1. Droppin' Hits 
B2. Ease Off 
B3. Tellin'