Hello everyone! 

Wanna let you know, that the OuB been kickin with a new blog. 
If ya still down with the program, then check it out here - https://olasunbekonshiphopblog.blogspot.com/


  1. f__k your donations! i hope no one uses your crap blog, selling other peoples music is wack!

    1. you're honest on the internet. gotta give you that.
      all opinions are alright when you assess them from all sides. I understand you.
      But as I said, donations were not mandatory. 85% of blog posts were out of print so stuff was promoting more than selling. Since when donations are in the same category as selling?

      I agree I put few newer releases up lately, gotta pull the brakes on that one but yeah, I support artists whenever I can. have bought loads of digital music from artists (tend to buy new albums from artists when the album drops) + also ordering cds from bandcamp and other sites whenever it's possible.
      also there are few cds and vinyls you cant but when they're not selling from artists directly (since they dropped like 30 years ago). So i use discogs.

      Anyway, thank you for speaking out. I trust youre an intelligent dude and you know what's up.