Shut Up And Dance ‎– Death Is Not The End (1992) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Death Is Not the End (4:11)
Raving I'm Raving (feat. Peter Bouncer) (remix) (4:20)
Autobiography of a Crackhead (acoustic version) (5:41)
Cape Fear (4:16)
Here Comes a Different Type of Rap Track, Not the Usual 4 Bar Loop Crap (2:57)
The Green Man (6:11)
Java Bass (feat. The Ragga Twins) (3:48)
So What You Smoking? (3:38)
Runaways (4:44)
Blue Colour Climax (4:17)
Pure White Black Life (feat. Ade) (7:21)
The Art of Moving Butts (4:09)
Down the Barrel of a Gun (3:50)
My C-Lab Crashed and Did This (4:38)

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