Sway - This Is My Demo (2006) (CD + DVD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

CD-1 This Is My Demo 6:00
CD-2 Products 3:30
CD-3 Hype Boys 5:07
CD-4 Little Derek 5:16
CD-5 Pretty Ugly Husband 3:41
CD-6 Flo Fashion 3:37
CD-7 Up Your Speed 2:56
CD-8 Download 4:42
CD-9 Loose Woose 4:09
CD-10 Sick World 4:02
CD-11 Still On My Own 3:11
CD-12 Back For You 3:44

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MP3 320
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Bonus Tracks:
CD-13 Slo Down 4:48
CD-14 Month In The Summer 3:49
DVD-1 "Flo Fashion" (Video)
DVD-2 "Up Your Speed" (Video)
DVD-3 "Little Derek" (Video)
DVD-4 "Download" (Video)
DVD-5 Radio 1
DVD-6 On Tour
DVD-7 In The Studio
DVD-9 Live!
DVD-10 Bonus Track

DVD Contents download:

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Datafile Part1 / Datafile Part2

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